Streamlabs OBS 1.14.0 Crack + Activator Free Download 2024

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Streamlabs OBS 1.14.0 Crack + Activator 2024

Streamlabs OBS It is easy to set up a desktop streaming program available for free professional streamers will love this program. Streaming is easier with a reliable and easy-to-setup PCDesktop streaming software designed for professional streamers. You can view multiple windows, such as a chatbox or video editor.

Streamlabs OBS 1.3.0 Crack + Activator Free Download 2021

Stream Labs OBS for the PCDashboard, etc., in one place. This walkthrough will explain what each window does and how you can use it to improve your stream. After the initial onboarding process, the app will automatically open the editor window. You can make edits to your sources, scenes, mixer, and mixer. The preview also shows you how your broadcast will look in the editor window. Streamers are in love with thousands of Streamlabs OBS Desktop. It’s now your turn.

The dashboard window can be retrieved directly from the website. After logging in via SLOBS, your dashboard will automatically be logged in. The window allows you to access widgets, alert profiles, and donation settings. You can also set up account settings. The “library” shows a preview of the overlays. Click on the themes to download them. These overlays, both animated and regular, are free! Each frame can be adjusted and removed.


Alerts 2.0 – Face Masks

Boost your channel’s revenue by allowing users to trigger Snapchat-style facemasks using their donations.

Easy Setup and Go Live in 60 Seconds

You can import everything from OBS in just one click. Then you can go live in a matter of minutes.

Streamlabs OBS 1.3.0 Crack + Activator Free Download 2021

Up to 2x better video encoding

You can reduce CPU usage by up to 20% and still get the same quality video. Or, make your video look twice as good with the same CPU usage. It optimizes game-specific Nvenc and x264 encoder settings.

What is the cost of Streamlabs?

Streamlabs for the PC is entirely free, there are no fees, and there is no monthly cost. You should note that certain services like Stripe or Paypal charge additional fees. There are no additional fees for tips and donations.

Which streaming platforms are you a fan of?

The Streamlabs OBS Desktop platform now supports, Mixer, and Facebook Hitbox is coming soon, and more information will be available.

Where does the money go when I get a tip/donation?

The money is transferred directly from the recipient to the donor when a tip is given to a broadcaster. You will need to contact the payment processor if there are any issues with chargebacks or receiving funds.

Can I stream without a computer?

Although you can still use the latest software 2021 to make money, embedding widgets into your console is currently not possible. Instead, you will need to stream via a computer running popular streaming software to benefit from the platform entirely.


  • Check that all drivers are current and compatible with 64-bit versions of your computer.
  • Virtually every font you use requires a processor to work properly. Your CPU usage will increase if you have more fonts.
  • High CPU usage can be caused by animated overlays downloaded from the WebM video file.
  • Multiple browse fonts can cause high CPU usage.
  • Try limiting or creating links.

StreamlabsOBS Idle high CPU usage

  • You must ensure that all drivers are current and compatible with 64-bit versions of your computer.
  • Nearly every source that you use requires a CPU to function correctly. The higher your CPU usage, the more powerful it will be.

System Requirements:

  • Requires Windows operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • It supports both Windows and Mac OS.
  • For activation, you will need Wi-Fi.
  • Requires 64-bit processor
  • A Minimum, of 256 MB RAM, is required.
  • You will need 50 MB of disk space.
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